***Doohtz Proudly Accepts #BTC #LTC #ETH***


Doohtz is a Crypto Apparel company aiming to create some of the best looking and most comfortable apparel you'll ever wear.  Not only do we take our craft and service seriously, we  raise the bar a satoshi in proudly donating a portion (5%) of sales back into corresponding foundations. 

Our Promise:

  1. Provide Excellent Customer Service 
  2. Provide Quality, Stylish & Comfortable Apparel For Our Customers
  3. Your Apparel Will Survive More Than One Wash*
  4. Support the Cryptosphere & Corresponding Foundations  

 *Upon Properly Following All Care Label Instructions

Join us on this awesome journey, we're just getting started!


What Our Customers Think

16 reviews
Incredible attention to detail.
Excellent Eth
My favorite litecoin shirt
Fun design and high quality