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Heather Gray Litecoin Chikun Shirt

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***Limited*** - Almost Gone!

Heather Black Ethereum Shirt

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About Doohtz

Doohtz is a Crypto Apparel company aiming to create some of the best looking and most comfortable apparel you'll ever wear.  Not only do we take our craft and service seriously, we  raise the bar a satoshi in proudly donating a portion of sales back into corresponding foundations. 

Our Process: Simply put, No Shortcuts!  We take great pride in delivering  comfortable and well designed Doohtz apparel. Every shirt is Doohtz Tested and Doohtz Approved before receiving the final nod from it's new rightful owner. 

”Robert Redford

What Our Customers Think

8 reviews

Material is exceptional, the shirt looks even better in real life than it did on the website. I recommend this to all litecoin enthusiasts

Ethereum t-shirt

Super cool like it a lot

Very comfortable shirt!

Love the quality. I think I might buy another one.

The crypto shirt I was looking for!

The shirt fits very well and is made of soft fabric. The detail on the logo is top-notch. The silver works really well with the ETH logo. Any crypto enthusiast would love this shirt as much as I do.

Great Service and Product!

Shipping outside of the US (to Canada) can be a little more difficult for a US based distributor, but I was immediately taken care of and provided constant updates by the Doohtz team as to the whereabouts, events, and information of my t-shirt.

They proactively reached out to me to ensure the product reached to my address safely and any mishaps that occurred was informed to me as soon as possible. In my case, there was an import ant tariff fee when the product was delivered on arrival. The Doohtz team was more than generous in covering this cost and ensuring that the mailing service (UPS) was informed of the payment of this fee so that I would not have to incur the cost. This was covered by them prior to my knowledge of any fee and I was pleasantly surprised to when I received an email noting that the cost was paid. When dealing with any purchase, I believe customer service is always a #1 priority. I immediately felt that I was being taken care of, open channels of communication was initiated by the Doohtz team, and consistent updates were provided in a timely manner.

Moving on the the t-shirt itself - the quality of design was spot on (actually even better) than the advertised picture of their website. The sizing I found was accurate (ordered a Medium and it fit me perfectly) and the materials they used are clearly stated. I'm very happy with the comfort, quality and design of the t-shirt that I ordered.

Thank you Doohtz! Keep up the amazing work. :)